Oscar's Dog Photos

This is me with my clothes on - not long before the haircut -  doing what I like doing bestů running free.

Cool dude huh!

Cut It Yourself?
Does your pet really need a haircut?
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Boy! I don't want to go through that again.

Yeah, I know it looks stupid, but us dogs don't really care how we look - it's only humans who worry about that stuff.

A long haired dog's skin has never seen the light of day since birth, so if you have your pet shaved you should never let her out in the sun.

Because the skin is very sensitive, only take her for a walk in the early morning and at around sunset, until her hair begins to grow back.

Crikey Dad! Stop worrying about it, it'll grow back. This'll mean less baths - and you know how I hate having a bath!

Give me some food!

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This is me a few weeks later. See, it aint so bad! The fur grows back pretty quick.

Jeez Dad! Get rid of that stupid camera!

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